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Production compounders

Production compounders

Some extrusions, such as compounding, do not require precision because the bulk density remains constant. Compounding plastics is the process of taking basic, raw plastic material and modifying it with various additives to meet color, property and performance requirements. Lab formulation and physical processes achieve this by combing the necessary additives and color into the plastic resin. While most would think that compounding plastics starts with a polymer or base resin, at Plastima we believe that raw material testing is primarily the start of our successful process.

Leistritz Extrusion Technology has been active in extrusion since 1937, specializing in the development and production of co-rotating twin screw extruders. Typical fields of application are masterbatching, compounding, degassing, blending of various types of polymers and additives and/or pigments.

The Leistritz Group, of which Leistritz Extrusion is a part, has approximately 2000 employees and an annual turnover of 300 million euros.

Our team is already at your disposal by assisting in the development of a complete production line.

We are happy to help you with questions about compounding and about Leistritz Extrusion Technology.


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