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Up- & downstream foil

Up- & downstream foil

Film extrusion is one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry, combining the best qualities of aluminum foil, paper, foil and plastic to provide a wide range of protective properties with a minimal amount of material. They are widely used for institutional and consumer products and in industrial applications to market, protect and distribute a wide variety of products. Various innovations and changing trends in the packaging industry have led to a growing demand for flexible packaging.

Plastima works exclusively with SML, the Austrian market leader in the field of high-quality film lines. Top quality, innovation, high productivity, low energy consumption, professional guidance from offer to final production. Those are features of SML.

Co-extrusion, PET inline recycling, high speed extruders (HSE), nano-layer technology, wrappers (winders), user-friendly control and many more options can be found at SML. A brief overview of the different disciplines:

High performance extruders

  • Single screw extruders, from 30mm to 180mm
  • L/D ratio 28 and 33
  • Water-cooled AC motors for high energy efficiency and low noise

Cast movie lines

  • CPP lines brochure cast film lines PP/PE
  • Pallet stretch wrap lines brochure cast film lines stretch
  • Lines for barrier packaging
  • Lines for melt-embossed foil/laminates
  • Lines for breathable (breathable) foil/laminates brochure hygiene film
  • Cast film with mono directional (MDO) delivery

Sheet lines

  • PET film/ sheet brochure sheet lines PET
  • PP/PS thermoforming (barrier) sheet brochure sheet lines PP/PS barrier
  • Thermoform foil
  • PET Inline recycling sheet line

Coating and laminating lines

  • Coating and lamination on and of various substrates Brochure coating lines

winding technology

  • Turret wrappers
  • Horizontal sliding wrappers
  • Wrappers for jumbo rolls


SML PET Sheet Demonstration Line


SML Thermoforming Sheet

SML Stretch Wrap

SML Coating and Laminating

SML PP/PE/PT/PET Barrier Film

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