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Water ring granulation

Water ring granulation

One of the popular plastic recycling machines belongs to the category of granulation system. The line system of the plastic water ring pelletizing machine consists of a die, a water circulation space, a pelletizing machine, a flushing channel, a centrifugal hydro extractor and a circulating water cooling system. 

Granules are melted and discharged through the extruder, then discharged through the die. During unloading, plastic materials are cut by high-speed rotating blades and the plastic granules are shaken off; after which the granules are cooled and discharged to the water circulation space by means of a circulating water film. Using this flushing channel of the water ring pelletizing system to transport plastic pellets to the centrifugal extractor can not only prevent the adhesion of the plastic pellets, but also act as a cooling process. 

The plastic granules are generally round-flat, cylindrical or spherical.  Plastima works exclusively with Tecnova in this area. For questions about Waterring granulation, you can reach us via the contact page.


Tecnova was founded in 1983 in Oleggio, Italy. The company specializes in the production of extrusion lines for plastic recycling, both in-house and industrial waste. It can provide solutions for all major thermoplastic materials, in all forms they occur: film, regrind, fiber, foam, etc.

Over the years, the quality, reliability and simplicity of use and maintenance of Tecnova’s machines have enabled us to become a global reference with more than 3,000 recycling systems installed around the world. Customer needs and requests have always been their priority, each line is tailor-made to achieve maximum results and satisfaction.

Every detail of Tecnova’s machines is manufactured in-house using the very latest technology, materials and personnel to ensure maximum quality, productivity, efficiency and reliability. For your recycling questions or equipment you have come to the right place at Plastima.

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