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Extruders tube

Extruders tube

When extruding a tube, specific tools are used that form the extrudate as it exits the die. For irregular sections, small heating elements or just point insulation (retained with magnets) can direct the flow and are more versatile than permanent machining of internal approaches. The distance between the die face and the first cool is crucial and should be variable as it may need to be changed as the line runs faster or slower. 

Pre-cooling is mainly used with PE water spray or flow around the product just before it enters the first sizing device. Hollow product devices are usually a closed top water tank, capped and held under vacuum so that the atmospheric pressure inside the walls blows against the gauge sleeve. Melting temperature and both melt and solid lubrication, as well as sleeve metal, are relevant. 

For nearly 100 years Hans Weber GmbH , a family business based in Kronach, East Germany, towards perfection in mechanical engineering. Innovation, quality and partnership – these words sum up the company’s standards and values and are part of its philosophy.

WEBER is specialized in the development and construction of both single and twin screw extruders for:

  • Tube extrusion
  • Profile extrusion
  • Granulation
  • PEXa

Other technologies WEBER is involved in are:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Robotization
  • Grinders

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Weber Pipe Extrusion PEXa

Weber Pipe Extrusion PP-PE-PERT-PPR

Weber Pipe Extrusion PVC

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Weber Pelletising PVC

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