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Laser measurements

Laser measurements

Laser marking plastics can offer a variety of ways to broaden your product line. Plastics are very versatile and are used for many different applications, and there are a number of ways to laser mark and engrave plastics. For example, using a fiber laser can produce different effects than a CO2 laser machine, and you can easily apply permanent, high-quality marks on many different plastics, such as polycarbonate, ABS, polyamide, and many others. A CO2 laser also allows you to accurately and efficiently engrave and cut plastics for a variety of applications. Because a laser machine requires minimal set-up and offers a great deal of versatility, laser marking plastics is an economical processing method, even in small batches.

Today, plastic can be found everywhere: on supermarket shelves, in cars, in medical technology, in the toy industry, in the furniture industry, etc. In all these areas, plastic parts are joined together. If this process is to be particularly high-quality, reliable and stress-free, laser welding of plastics is the universal procedure par excellence.

This is where LPKF comes in. Particularly in our three core industries – automotive, medical technology and consumer electronics – we know this field like the back of our hand. We benefit from our knowledge of the standards, regulations, requirements and challenges in the various industries by applying our extensive expertise in laser plastic welding in a targeted manner.

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