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Material Handling

Material Handling

Downstream pipe extrusion is the most competitive line, accompanied by unparalleled expertise. Machine applications are designed based on the elasticity, wear resistance and tear strength of your materials and processes. Extrusion options include rubber hoses, irrigation hoses, cable and wiring, rods, straws and more. Medical snakes, while not differing in the process, have such specific features and regulations that they deserved their own attention.

dr. Schenk offers ultra-fast, accurate and reliable optical inspection and measurement solutions for all types of base and converted plastic materials. dr. Schenk invented EasyInspect and EasyMeasure. EasyInspect examines 100% of the material surface for local defects and EasyMeasure continuously monitors general properties, such as uniformity or homogeneity of the coating and physical properties, such as opacity or reflectance.

The solutions of Dr. Schenk are used in multiple applications and markets, for example in battery film inspection, fuel cell inspection, blown film inspection, polarizing film inspection, PCB material inspection, protective coating, label and tape inspection, OLED inspection, prepreg inspection, flexible packaging inspection, window film inspection and many other applications

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