In this blog post we tell about a prize that Plastima has received. At the beginning of 2021, Rabobank Nederland named Plastima as entrepreneur of the quarter. We emerged from this through our sustainable ambitions and moving to a new office with a 0% ecological footprint. Our managing partners gave an interview about our new sustainable offices and our goals for the future!

Plastic not sustainable? On the contrary: the plastic sector leads the way in recycling. Plastima helps with this. Rob van den Bosch and Hans Boode are our Entrepreneurs of the quarter. If there is one material with a negative image, it is plastic. Photos of plastic soups in the oceans regularly appear in the media. Unjustified, they think at Plastima. ‘If everyone disposes of plastic neatly separately, the whole problem will be solved. Because the plastics sector is completely geared up for recycling. This puts it miles ahead of other sectors’, says Hans Boode.

Exclusive partner

Together with Rob, Hans belongs to the second generation of owners of Plastima, the Dutch market leader in machines for the plastics sector. “We are the exclusive partner of 22 A-brand machine manufacturers in the Netherlands. As a result, we supply all the necessary machines for the entire process from manufacturing to recycling. What is made with our machines is too much to mention. From large water drainage pipes to COVID test kits, from house profiles to shaver parts,” explains Rob. Hans adds: ‘We also have our own range of second-hand machines from Plastima Used Machinery with our own service department.’

Trust and invest

That sounds like a sales organization, but Plastima is much more than that. Rob: ‘In the dynamic, progressive plastics industry, new ideas come onto the market every day. Our customers need all their expertise and time to respond to this. We provide the technology with which they can realize their plans and guide them through the entire process from product development to final testing.” Hans adds: “We do this with a varied team of fourteen specialists, who always combine their experience, knowledge and fresh ideas. . We are also investing heavily in digitization, so that we can share and process complex information from projects with multiple teams from clients.” 


It’s not the only way Plastima invests in the future. The company will soon be moving to new premises. Rob: ‘The relationship with Rabobank started in our first building: they had the ground floor, we had the top two. Now they are our partner in realizing a new 450 m2 office space and test centers at our existing machine hall. This allows us to specialize even further and thus expand our services to customers.” Sustainability plays a major role in this. Hans: ‘Our customers have to comply with a lot of regulations in that area, but it also provides them with a lot of energy savings. Sometimes we come up with investment proposals in machines that pay for themselves within a year. Furthermore, the number of initiatives for the reprocessing of materials continues to grow and we are growing along with it. We are one of the most important suppliers in the Benelux in recycling machines.”

Sustainable future

This sustainable approach is also reflected in the renovated building. Rob: ‘Rabobank is financing the renovation and prompted us to do it as green as possible. Getting rid of gas, extra insulation, the latest LED lighting and soon also solar panels. This way we can receive the green certificate and we are ready for the future.’ Hans: ‘That also makes us an attractive employer, together with our open and innovative corporate culture. This is necessary, because without good technical people we cannot make progress. Fortunately, we have also created new recruits ourselves: two of Rob’s sons are already working in the company and my son is doing his graduation assignment here. So the new generation is already ready!’

Real entrepreneurs

Sustainability is an important cooperative theme for Rabobank. Partly for this reason, Plastima will be our Company of the quarter in the second quarter of 2021. ‘Plastima is a supplier of high-quality machines and peripheral equipment in the plastics industry,’ explains Rabobank Breda account manager Toine Hanegraaf. “As a Dutch market leader and family business, they first of all make a constructive contribution to making a sector that is already at the forefront in this area. But they also opt for sustainable measures in their own business operations, so that they are ready for the future of the third generation. So real entrepreneurs; go-getters with a clear vision for the future. And we like doing business with that.”

The entire interview can be read here.