The Kunststoffenbeurs is the meeting place for the entire chain in the Benelux. A world without plastics is almost unimaginable. Thanks to the many possibilities and areas of application, millions of products with plastic roll off production belts worldwide every day. From everyday consumer products, (food) packaging to parts for machines and cars, almost every product contains plastic.

Meet key players from the plastics and rubber industry in a short time and discover the latest developments and business opportunities

Developments follow each other in rapid succession, as do new optimization methods for, for example, injection molding, mold and machine construction. In addition, innovations such as 3D printing, in which more and more types of plastic can be used, offer new perspectives. For example, when making injection moulds, prototypes and as a production method for series. During the Kunststoffenbeurs you will quickly meet important experts from the plastics and rubber industry. Here you will also find a complete overview of new materials, machines and machine construction, cost savings, optimization of production processes, product development and smart industry.