What do you do with all your old stuff that you no longer use? Do they go with the trash, or are you trying to resell them? On March 18 it is especially important to remember this, because then it is the International Day of Recycling. On that Day we look at how important it is not to just incinerate or dump waste into the ocean, but to reuse it. Everything for a sustainable world!

The Day of Recycling has no official organizer but is celebrated by hundreds of waste and recycling companies around the world. During the Day, information is given about how important it is to recycle, but tips are also given on how to do that. There is a good chance that promotions will be organized today at your local recycling center, or flyers will be sent for more information. But, throw those folders neatly with the old paper, eh?

The first time Global Recycling Day was held was in 2018. The day is held to underline the importance of recycling.