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Automation machines

Welding techniques


plastima is the partner when it comes to Automation machines. We not only provide a necessary plan for your line, but Plastima also takes care of the installation.

Automation machines

Herrmann’s automated machines are designed universally and flexibly. Just like the bench top machines, the automation machines can be equipped in different strengths. Herrmann supplies 20kHz, 30kHz and 35kHz machines with a generator output from 900W to 6200W. Welding forces adjustable between 10- and 2490 N. The VE Slimline series is designed as a dedicated integration machine. However, the Modular series focuses (due to the modular construction) on 100% flexibility because this machine can be built as a bench top but as an integration machine.

The standard systems are available in four configurations.

– VE Slimline / Modular Dialog SpeedControl,

– VE Slimline / Modular Vario PropControl,

– VE Slimline / Modular Logic PropControl

– VE Slimline / Modular Solid PropControl

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