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Bench Top machines

Bench Top machines

Herrmann’s HiQ machines are universally equipped “bench top” machines and can be equipped in different strengths. Herrmann supplies 20kHz, 30kHz and 35kHz machines with a generator output from 900W to 6200W. Welding forces adjustable between 10- and 2490 N.

The standard systems are available in four configurations.

– HiQ Dialog Speed Control,

– HiQ Vario PropControl,

– HiQ Logic PropControl

– HiQ Solid PropControl,

Plastima works exclusively with Herrmann Ultraschall, the machine and system supplier for industrial ultrasonic technologies. Herrmann Ultraschall wants to break new ground to make both customers and employees enthusiastic about the company.

Herrmann must remain a future-proof company and an attractive employer. Trusting cooperation based on values is the basis for us to focus very well on the needs of our customers. By turning their success into our success, our long-term future is secured.

Herrmann has grown tremendously and the growth of the company and the professional interests of each individual do not always go hand in hand. This is a great challenge. The values determine our playing field and are an important part of the Culture Trip. Fixed points that help us to work intensively on the working atmosphere, on collaboration, teamwork and dealing with customers. Integrity, respect, passion and resilience are the four cornerstones of our playing field. They are our “rules of the game” and should not only be illustrated, but lived together.

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