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Laser welding

Laser welding

Laser welding is a high-end, inventive but user-friendly technique for joining thermoplastics. This fast and efficient technique ensures a strong, clean and hermetic seal, increasing production without sacrificing quality. Due to the excellent quality, the laser welding technique is often used in automotive and medical applications and other specialized markets that require a high-quality label.


The laser technique can be divided into two different laser wavelengths; 980 nm for absorbing laser welding technology or 2µ for fully transparent products. .


Laser Welding Absorption

The laser source introduces a “beam of light” into the product, the laser shines through the laser-transparent suture partner and is collected by the laser-absorbent suture partner. 

Due to the development of heat between the materials and the application of a defined pressure, both bonding partners are molecularly fused together. 


Transparent laser welding

In contrast to absorption welding, with the 2µ technique there is no bonding partner that absorbs all the heat. The 2µ technique is a new innovative technique that is designed on the basis of volume absorption. By heating several layers evenly, thermoplastic products can be molecularly bonded under defined pressure.

Laser welding at Plastima:

Today, plastic can be found everywhere: on supermarket shelves, in cars, in medical technology, in the toy industry, in the furniture industry, etc. In all these areas, plastic parts are joined together. If this process is to be particularly high-quality, reliable and stress-free, laser welding of plastics is the universal procedure par excellence.

This is where LPKF comes in. Particularly in our three core industries – automotive, medical technology and consumer electronics – we know this field like the back of our hand. We benefit from our knowledge of the standards, regulations, requirements and challenges in the various industries by applying our extensive expertise in laser plastic welding in a targeted manner.

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