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Foil plays an important role in everyday life. Among others, in the household as in the transport sector, the use of plastic film is crucial and unavoidable. The two variants of film production are blown film extrusion and flat film or sheet extrusion. 

The plastic material, which can be made of different polymers such as polyethylene or polypropylene, is melted in an oven and then passed through a series of rollers that gradually flatten and stretch it into a thin sheet. The sheet is then cooled and wound onto a coil for use in various applications.

One of the main advantages of plastic film extrusion is its versatility. Manufacturers can adjust the thickness, width and length of the film to suit the needs of specific applications. Plastic film is commonly used in the food packaging industry, where it provides a barrier against moisture and oxygen to help preserve the freshness and flavour of food products. It is also used in the medical industry for packaging and sterilisation purposes, as well as in the construction industry for insulation and vapour barriers.


Types of film extrusion at Plastima

As exclusive partner of SML and Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions, Plastima supplies turn-key solutions for lab and pilot scale for foils as well as large-scale production lines for flat film and sheet extrusion within the Benelux.

To support the production process, Plastima also supplies complex inspection systems for surface and defect analyses. Using these analyses, film quality can be guaranteed and improved.


Flat film

Plastima works exclusively with SML, the Austrian market leader in high-quality film lines. Top quality, innovation, high productivity, low energy consumption, professional support from offer to final production. These are hallmarks of SML.

Co-extrusion, PET inline recycling, high speed extruders (HSE), nano-layer technology, winders, operator-friendly control and many more options can be found at SML. A brief overview of the various disciplines:    

High performance extruders

  • Single screw extruders, from 30mm to 180mm
  • L/D ratio 28 and 33
  • Water-cooled AC motors for high energy efficiency and low noise level

Cast film lines

  • CPP lines brochure cast film lines PP/PE
  • Pallet stretch wrap lines brochure cast film lines stretch
  • Lines for barrier packaging
  • Lines for melt embossed films/laminates
  • Lines for breathable films/laminates
  • Cast film with mono directional (MDO) stretching

Sheet lines

  • PET folie/blad brochure bladlijnen PET
  • PP/PS thermoforming (barrière) folie/ folie brochure lijnen PP/PS barrière
  • Thermoform folie
  • PET Inline recycling folie lijnen

Coating and laminating lines

  • Coating and laminating on various substrates

Winding technology

  • Turret winders
  • Horizontal sliding wrappers
  • Wrappers for jumbo reels

SML downloads

SML PET Sheet Demonstration Line
SML Thermoforming Sheet
SML Stretch Wrap Sheet
SML Coating and Laminating Sheet
SML PP / PE / PET Barrier Film Sheet

Plastima has exclusive partners when it comes to blow films. In blown film design, the interaction of die opening, output speed, inflation ratio and rewinding speed is important. The die opening is fixed by the die insert and the blow-up ratio is determined by the product needs. Some moulds have automatic adjustments. Internal air pressure must also be kept stable to ensure uniform thickness. For questions surrounding blowing film, Plastima is also the right place to go. We can therefore supply a total package of high-quality machines for blown film processes.

Plastima_Collin_Machinery_Logo.webarchiveBlown film

For film extrusion specialisation, Plastima works exclusively with the renowned company Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions. Collin has been the benchmark in the field of equipment for laboratories and pilot environments since its establishment. By focusing on utmost quality and durability, Collin offers the best solutions for the development of plastics. 

Since 1972, Plastima has successfully cooperated with the renowned company Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions. The Bayerische machine manufacturer COLLIN specialises in developing equipment for plastics development and focuses on systems for laboratories and pilot environments. COLLIN is known for its very high-quality, modular systems that guarantee best quality, precision and utmost reproducibility and traceability.

In the field of blown film extrusion, Collin offers turn-key solutions for film extrusion within a range of 200 and 800mm lay-flat widths. 

  • Up to 13 individual layers.
  • Wide range of blown film heads available.

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