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One of the most critical aspects of material handling in the plastics industry is the handling of plastic resin granules, the raw materials used in the production process. These pellets can be transported in various ways, including vacuum conveying systems, gravity conveyors, and pneumatic conveying systems.

Another critical aspect of material handling in the plastics industry is the management of waste materials, such as scrap and cutting waste. These materials must be handled and transported in a way that minimizes contamination and maximizes the value of the material for recycling or disposal.

Automation of material handling processes in the plastics industry has become increasingly important in recent years. Automation systems can reduce labour costs, improve efficiency and accuracy, and enhance worker safety. Some of the automated material handling systems used in the plastics industry include robotic material handling systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, and automated guided vehicles.

In general, material handling plays a crucial role in the plastics industry as it ensures that materials are moved efficiently and safely through the production process, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.


Material Handling at Plastima

Plastima_Kreyenborg_Machinery_Logo.webarchiveMaterial Handling

With Kreyenborg, Plastima provides equipment for material handling. Kreyenborg has several processes to control and move the quality of production material.

In 1954, Kreyenborg started building mixers for the agricultural industry. During the rise of plastics, Kreyenborg took the experience of agriculture to build mixers for plastics. Kreyenborg's mixers are distinguished by short mixing times, and extremely robust designs that are produced entirely in its own factory in Münster.

Peripheral equipment, such as big bag unloading stations, feeding screws to the mixer, and conveying the homogeneous mixture to a big bag station, is also built in-house. Everything from 1 hand, "Made in Germany".



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