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Besides extrusion, injection moulding, recycling, and R&D, at Plastima you will find more processes that can support your production from cooling techniques to material treatments, and inspections; Plastima is your premium partner in the field of other processes in the plastics industry. We have been working with the best-selected partners in the market for over 70 years. So you always have the best, most efficient process at your disposal.

Cooling is an essential step in the plastics industry because it helps stabilize the shape of plastic parts after they have been formed. Cooling is necessary because plastic parts can deform or warp if they are not properly cooled, leading to problems with part dimensional accuracy and performance.

Inspection is a crucial process in the plastics industry as it helps ensure that plastic parts meet the required quality standards and are free of defects. Inspection is carried out at various stages of the production process, including during raw material testing, moulding, assembly, and final product testing. 

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