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Infrared drying is often used in the plastics industry because it is a fast and efficient way to dry plastic materials. It can be used to dry a variety of plastic materials, including pellets, films, and moulded parts. Moreover, infrared drying is a non-contact process, which means the surface of the plastic material is not damaged.

Infrared drying is also a more energy-efficient process compared to other drying techniques such as hot air drying. This is because infrared radiation heats only the surface of the plastic material, instead of heating up the entire surrounding air. As a result, less energy is needed to achieve the same drying effect.

In general, infrared drying is a valuable technique in the plastics industry because it allows plastic materials to be dried quickly and efficiently while minimizing energy consumption and preserving the quality of the material.
gebruikte plastic recycling machine

Infrared dryers at Plastima


Kreyenborg's infrared dryers offer many advantages, including continuous heating, crystallization, drying, and coating of a wide variety of plastics and other bulk materials in minutes instead of hours. Similarly, drying of plastic granules, and -ground material (e.g. PET, PBT, ABS/PC, HDPE, LCP, PC, PP, PVB, WPC, TPE, TPU) and other free-flowing bulk materials.

Energy is immediately introduced into the core of the product by short-wave infrared radiation. The heat flow pushes the moisture from inside to outside. After the moisture is released from the material, it is immediately removed by air circulation inside the machine. By volumetric metering, the material to be processed is continuously fed through the rotating drum. Thermal treatment. A spiral-welded into the rotating drum ensures the mixing of the material and continuous transfer to the outlet. The material is thus continuously thermally treated. In minutes instead of hours, the material automatically leaves the rotating drum and can be transferred directly to the next processing step.

Regarding control, there are several options that we would be happy to discuss with you. In the case of underwater granulation, we can integrate the control into the central controller. Please contact Plastima for more information.


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