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Vertical injection moulding machines are a type of plastic injection moulding machine used to produce moulded plastic parts. Unlike horizontal injection moulding machines, which have a horizontal clamp and injection unit, vertical injection moulding machines have a vertical clamp and injection unit.

The vertical orientation of the injection unit allows for easy insertion and removal of the mould, making it particularly useful for over-molding and insert molding applications. These machines are also suitable for producing parts with complex geometries, as the mould can be easily rotated to obtain the desired shape.

Vertical injection moulding machines are often used in the automotive, medical and electronics industries to produce small- to medium-sized parts, such as connectors, switches and sensors. They are known for their high accuracy and repeatability, which is essential for producing parts with consistent quality.

One of the main advantages of vertical injection moulding machines is their compact size, making them suitable for use in smaller production areas. They are also energy-efficient and can be equipped with various automation features, such as robotic arms and conveyor systems, to increase production efficiency and reduce labour costs.

Overall, vertical injection moulding machines offer a range of advantages for producing moulded plastic parts, including their versatility, accuracy and efficiency.


Types of vertical injection moulding machines at Plastima

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While horizontal injection moulding machines were the first of their kind to become the standard in production, vertical injection moulding machines can be a more sustainable way of moulding for certain applications, and many manufacturers are now taking advantage of their many benefits.

Moulds for injection moulding machines can be fixed in a horizontal or vertical position. Most machines are horizontally oriented, but vertical injection moulding machines are used in some niche applications such as insert molding, the advantage being that less pressure can be applied here, allowing the machine to take advantage of gravity.

  • A compact design, with small footprint a floating, two-plate locking system
  • A servo-hydraulic drive system
  • The very latest control technology

Since 2012, Plastima Breda bv has been the exclusive dealer for the Benelux and the business unit "BOY Benelux" was set up for this purpose, with its own sales & service team of eight employees working in Breda, the Netherlands.


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