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Plastic compounding is the process of combining two or more polymer materials, as well as additives and fillers, to create a new plastic material with specific properties. This process is usually carried out using specialized equipment such as extruders, mixers, or kneaders.

The aim of plastic compounding is to make a material with specific performance characteristics, such as improved strength, increased flexibility or improved resistance to heat, UV radiation or chemicals. Additives commonly used in plastic compounding are fillers, stabilizers, colourants, and flame retardants.

Bij het compoundingproces worden de polymeerkorrels of -poeders in de extruder of mixer gevoerd, waar ze worden gesmolten en gemengd. Additieven en vulstoffen kunnen in verschillende stadia van het proces worden toegevoegd, afhankelijk van de gewenste eigenschappen van het eindproduct.

Het samenstellen van kunststoffen is een belangrijk onderdeel van de kunststofindustrie, omdat hiermee op maat gemaakte materialen kunnen worden gemaakt die aan specifieke prestatie-eisen voldoen. Deze materialen worden gebruikt in een breed scala van toepassingen, waaronder auto's, de bouw, verpakkingen en medische hulpmiddelen.


Lab compounding at Plastima

Smaller-scale compounders also exist. These are ideal for smaller production processes. At impact, Plastima is capable of small-scale compounding as well. Compounding on a small scale is done using our premium blenders. Compounding on a large scale is done using our premium compounders with twin screws and side feed. Compounding plastics is the process of taking basic, raw plastic material and modifying it with various additives to meet colour, property, and performance requirements. Lab formulation and physical processes achieve this by combing the necessary additives and colour to the plastic resin. 

Plastima_Collin_Machinery_Logo.webarchiveLab compounders

Collin has been the benchmark in equipment for laboratories and pilot environments since its foundation. By focusing on utmost quality and durability, Collin offers the best solutions for plastic development. 

Since 1972, Plastima has successfully cooperated with the renowned company Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions. The Bayerische machine manufacturer COLLIN specializes in developing equipment for plastics development and focuses on systems for laboratories and pilot environments. COLLIN is known for its very high-quality, modular systems that guarantee the best quality, precision, and utmost reproducibility and traceability.

For compounding at lab and pilot scale, Collin offers a wide range of flush double-screw extruders for the lower throughput range, from 200 g to about 80 kg per hour. 

For compound mixing, the manufacturer provides complete solutions with the ability to dose multiple components including granules, powders, fibers, and liquids. As follow-up equipment, head granulation or strand granulation can be used. Direct extrusion can also be used to directly produce a film or the compounder can be used in a tandem setup to minimize degradation of molecular chains.

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