Types of process water cooling at Plastima

Our partner ONI Wärmeträfo GmbH, will always strive to develop system solutions for their customers that require less energy. This is to counteract the expected increase in energy costs. They are confident that they can make an important contribution to our society. For ONI, the environment and energy efficiency are our main focus, which is why they believe that economics and ecology do not contradict each other. ONI's strengths are:

1. Their ability to deliver turn-key systems is one of their strongest points. This means that they are able to offer complete, turnkey systems specifically tailored to the customer's needs. This includes everything from design and engineering to installation and commissioning of the system, ensuring a seamless and efficient solution for their customers.

2. The huge energy savings that can be achieved with ONI's solutions is another crucial aspect of their offering. Their systems are designed to drastically reduce energy consumption, which not only provides cost savings for their customers but also has a positive impact on the environment. This is in line with ONI's commitment to sustainability and its pursuit of a greener future.

3. Their experience within the energy-saving sector is extensive. Since their establishment in the early 1980s, they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This experience enables them to provide tailor-made solutions that address their customers' specific challenges. Their long history of innovation and excellence in this sector has contributed to their reputation as a reliable and progressive partner in energy conservation.

Founded in the early 1980s, ONI has been a success story for more than four decades. Starting as a small garage company, ONI has grown to over 480 employees and has received global recognition and awards for its energy-saving system solutions, as well as for its business performance. Today, more than 5,900 customers in more than 70 countries around the world, from medium-sized companies to international corporations, rely on ONI's energy-saving technology. Plastima has been working together for years as ONI's exclusive partner in the BENELUX.

In the right capacity, process cooling will bring many benefits to the plastics industry. This through a well-engineered system, which focuses on flow, temperature and capacity, will provide you with;

  • Higher product quality
  • More output
  • High energy savings 



Partially closed cooling system
Since the operating costs of chiller/cooling systems during their service life, are many times about investment costs, the topic "Energy optimization" is a top priority. By integrating "winter lighting" of the chiller (chiller) with glycol-free free cooling units, up to 80% of energy costs can be saved during the winter period.

Open cooling system
Open cooling systems such as cooling towers can also be supplied on customer request.
However, due to repeated checks for the presence of legionella, high water consumption, and poorer water quality, this is not directly recommended.

The demand for modular energy centers has increased significantly in recent years.
No downtime, no waste of valuable production space, a high-performance solution!
Our customers always benefit from energy-optimized plant technology with the highest possible reliability at a reasonable price. Each cooling system by ONI is individually designed to meet customer requirements and optimized in terms of energy consumption in the best possible way.



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ONI Product range
ONI Energie Efficiëntie
ONI Compact Chillers
ONI Modulair Container System

Plastima_ONI_Machinery_Logo.webarchiveHeat recovery

Today, waste heat from refrigeration circuits or production processes is mostly "disposed" in the atmosphere at a high financial cost. This waste heat can be perfectly utilized by ONI technology!

In the plastics industry, the heat from the hydraulic cooling circuit (35 degrees) can be used for free heating of production halls, storage halls or offices through heating modules or underfloor heating. 

In the period when the heat recovery is not coming from the process, e.g. during plant shutdown, the ONI plant can be equipped with a small electric heater.


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ONI Energie Efficiëntie
ONI PowerSave

Plastima_ONI_Machinery_Logo.webarchiveWater quality

Water quality in cooling circuits has a decisive influence on energy consumption efficiency, operating, and process safety as well as the operation and maintenance costs of production plants, system circuits, and their components! 

The practice has shown that poor cooling water quality is the reason why relatively many companies face higher operating and maintenance costs and, in some cases, even production losses.

With the patented ONI-AquaClean technology, you realize the best path to TOP cooling water quality. Solid particles are no longer verifiable. The biological contaminants in the cooling water are reduced from 100,000 Colony Forming Units/ml to approx. 100 CFU/ml, which translates into a 99.9% reduction! The process water complies with drinking water requirements due to this filter technology.

Another positive effect is the oxidation of dissolved metals by ozonization. As a result, oxidation particles are filtered out of the water by ultrafiltration. The ultrafine 0.02µ filter eliminates the need for biocides and significantly reduces the use of antioxidants.



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ONI Aquaclean

Plastima_ONI_Machinery_Logo.webarchiveVentilation systems

From consulting and planning to professional installation and service, Plastima offers its industrial customers all services around the topic of "energy-efficient systems" from a single source!

The range goes from simple ventilation and deaeration systems to extraction systems for workstations or room sections, to controlled ventilation and air conditioning of production halls,

ONI's air technology systems are used in the industrial areas of plastics and metal processing, food, packaging, and medical technology. ONI's wide range of services offers a suitable solution for almost any application involving air flows from 500 to 500,000 cubic meters per hour.

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ONI Ventilatie Systemen

Plastima_ONI_Machinery_Logo.webarchiveFlow Control

Rhytemper "Reduce cycle time, improve quality, reduce unit cost!"

Tempering technology from ONI RHYTEMPER is a powerful temperature control system for the plastics processing industry that significantly improves the unit cost price. 

The reduction in production costs is so trend-setting that this technology pays for itself in no time. By reducing cycle times, on average 18% with a maximum of 40%, RHYTEMPER systems can pay for themselves in as little as one year.  Reduced waste rates and a significant reduction in power costs will contribute to a feasibility study.

Eta-Control "Reduces the energy requirement of injection moulding machines!"

ONI's new Eta-Control technology is a development in the optimization of fully hydraulic injection moulding machines. Controlled oil-flow management that adapts automatically and on demand to the energy requirements of the machine is at the heart of this technology.

Machines, where the Eta-control application has been installed, have achieved an average energy saving of 36%.



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ONI Rhytemper
ONI Rythemper RHY-T90


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One of the main applications of water cooling in the plastics industry is extrusion, injection moulding and regranulation. The molten plastic material must be rapidly cooled to enable rapid solidification and ensure dimensional accuracy of the final product. In injection moulding, water cooling systems are used to circulate cooled water through channels or cooling pipes in the mould, absorbing heat from the molten plastic and speeding up the solidification process. Another application of water cooling is in extrusion processes. In extrusion, the plastic material is heated and formed into continuous tubes, profiles or sheets using a mould. The heat released during extrusion must be dissipated to prevent overheating, degradation and poor product quality. Water cooling systems are used to cool the extrusion equipment, the screws and the mould, effectively maintaining the desired temperature and preserving the properties of the plastic.

Apart from injection moulding and extrusion, water cooling is also used in other plastic processing techniques such as blow moulding, thermoforming and rotary moulding. These methods require precise temperature control to achieve consistent results and prevent defects in the final products. ONI's water cooling systems provide the necessary, high-quality cooling capacity to control the temperature throughout the production process, ensuring high-quality plastic products and handling cooling and heat systems in the most sustainable way possible.

Moreover, ONI's water cooling systems in the plastics industry contribute to sustainability efforts by saving energy and reducing environmental impact. By efficiently removing heat from the production process, these systems minimise the energy required for cooling and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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