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Your service partner

At Plastima, we know that maintaining your machines properly is crucial. This way, you can guarantee quality and minimise downtime. You can purchase maintenance from Plastima in the form that suits you best; we can carry out troubleshooting on an on-call basis, as well as periodic maintenance on an on-call basis. Finally, there is the Plastima service contract, interesting to get the most out of your machine!


Periodic maintenance

To ensure the continuity of your machinery, periodic maintenance of the machines is an absolute must. Plastima has the checklist test for all machines from BOY, Ferromatik, Hermann Ultraschall and WEBER. Preventive periodic maintenance reduces the risk of machine failure and unforeseen costs in the future!



Plastima provides expert advice on service for your plastic processing machines. We offer complete support on preventive, periodic and incidental maintenance. Our service provides you with a specified engineer who has all the knowledge and know-how of the brand and machine concerned.
By offering service, we can support our customers with maintenance, spare parts and technical issues right from the purchase of the machine. Plastima wants to use this, with the ultimate goal of building a long-term, sustainable relationship with your company.


Wide range of spare parts

BOY Benelux has its own warehouse where we always keep relevant parts in stock for installed BOY machines. We can provide you with parts quickly and thus minimise machine downtime. 



Contact us for service

Onderhoud specialist

Onze ervaring, zeer brede assortiment en ruime kennis maakt dat wij, binnen de kunststofverwerkende industrie, één van de weinige bedrijven zijn die zich specialist mag noemen op het gebied van zowel service als onderhoud.