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The plastics industry has been rapidly developing new materials in recent years, both to meet changing consumer demand and to address environmental concerns. Here are some examples of material developments in the plastics industry:

1. Biodegradable plastics: With growing concerns about pollution from plastic waste, biodegradable plastics have become increasingly popular. These plastics are designed to degrade over time, either through composting or exposure to natural elements such as sunlight and water. 

2. Recycled plastics: Another way the plastics industry addresses environmental issues is by developing new materials made from recycled plastics. These can be post-use plastic, such as water bottles, as well as industrial waste from manufacturing processes. 

3. High-quality plastics: In addition to materials that are more environmentally friendly, the plastics industry is also developing new materials with better performance characteristics. For example, some plastics can now withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for use in aviation or the automotive industry.

4. Smart plastics: Finally, the plastics industry is also exploring the use of "smart" plastics that can respond to changes in their environment. These include materials that change colour or shape in response to temperature or moisture, or plastics that can detect and respond to changes in pressure or pH levels.


Material development at Plastima

Plastima_Collin_Machinery_Logo.webarchiveMaterial development

Plastic is a material that has constantly evolved over the years. Now more than ever, the further development of plastics is very important to improve properties and find solutions to ecological issues. 
For its R&D specialization, Plastima works exclusively with the renowned company Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions. Collin has been the benchmark in equipment for laboratories and pilot environments since its establishment. By focusing on extreme quality and durability, Collin offers the best solutions for the development of plastics. 
Since 1972, Plastima has successfully cooperated with the renowned company Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions. The Bayerische machine manufacturer COLLIN specializes in developing equipment for plastics development and focuses on systems for laboratories and pilot environments. COLLIN is known for its very high-quality, modular systems that guarantee the best quality, precision, and utmost reproducibility and traceability.
For materials development, Collin offers a wide range of equipment:
  • Extrusion lines for the production of sheets, mono- and multilayer flat film, blown film, and stretch films.
  • Extrusion lines for producing filaments for 3D printing or granulation.
  • Extrusion lines for tape, monofilament or multifilament dispensing.
  • Compounding equipment for mixing compounds.
  • Presses for producing colour samples or membranes, for example.
  • Rolling mills for mixing batches of elastomers, among other things.
  • Test equipment for measuring material properties such as viscosity, polymer composition, or contamination. 

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