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Horizontal injection moulding machines are used to manufacture plastic parts by injecting molten plastic into a mould. These machines are horizontally oriented, meaning that the mould is placed horizontally and the injection unit moves horizontally to inject the molten plastic.

An advantage of horizontal injection moulding machines is that they are suitable for producing large and heavy parts, as the part can be removed from the mould more easily than with vertical machines. They are also ideal for automation and large production runs.

Horizontal injection moulding machines usually consist of a clamping unit, an injection unit and a control system. The clamping unit is responsible for holding the mould in place, while the injection unit melts and injects the plastic into the mould. The control system manages the operation of the machine, controlling temperature, pressure and other parameters to ensure the quality and consistency of the final product.

There are different types of horizontal injection moulding machines, including hydraulic, electric and hybrid machines. Hydraulic machines use hydraulic power to operate, while electric machines use electric motors. Hybrid machines combine both hydraulic and electric technologies to achieve better energy efficiency and performance.

Overall, horizontal injection moulding machines are widely used in various industries, including automotive, medical, and consumer goods, to produce plastic parts of excellent quality and precision.


Types of horizontal injection moulding machines at Plastima

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Dr Boy is a well-known German injection moulding brand that has been producing high-quality injection moulding machines since 1968. The company specialises in producing compact, energy-efficient machines designed with precision and reliability in mind.

Dr Boy's injection moulding machines are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical and consumer goods. Their machines are available in various sizes and specifications, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

csm_BOY_125E_557x417_38e0c15cd1 kopiërenThe BOY 125E

One of the key features of Dr Boy's injection moulding machines is their energy efficiency. The company has made significant efforts to reduce the energy consumption of its machines, which not only helps reduce operating costs but also has a positive impact on the environment.

Besides manufacturing injection moulding machines, Dr Boy also offers a range of services and support to its customers, including training, installation and maintenance. Overall, Dr Boy is a respected brand in the injection moulding industry, known for its quality products and commitment to customer service.


Dr. Boy downloads

BOY 125E

Ferromatik Milacron Logo

Ferromatik Milacron offers fully electric, hydraulic and servo injection moulding machines. As well as an extensive service and aftermarket range. With a clamping force range from 6 to 6,000 tonnes, Milacron offers you the widest range of injection moulding machines. Energy-efficient drive technology reduces energy consumption and increases your production capabilities. Injection unit with high capacity, precision, speed, robustness and low power consumption. User-friendly, easily programmable and extreme flexibility. Choose from fully electric, servo or hydraulic machines with a full range of plastic processing technologies, including more component and co-injection.

Ferromatik was founded in 1956 in Malterdingen near Freiburg, Germany. Since 1993, Ferromatik has been part of the Milacron Group, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, US. Since 2019, Ferromatik Milacron GmbH has been operating from its new location in Teningen, very close to Malterdingen.

All-electric machines

The technology that sets the industry standard in the eQ-series all-electric injection moulding machine is a direct result of years of dedication and experience. eQ-series is the next generation of injection moulding machines, with higher precision and reliable injection capabilities than ever before. Designed for greater robustness, the proven performance of eQ-series makes it the perfect solution for cleanrooms and other moulding environments that require precise process control, high-speed injection and consistent repeatability. 

The eQ is available in a clamping force range of 500kN to 6,500kN.


The Ferromatik eQ-150

Servo-hydraulic machines

Q-series (1,100kN - 6,500kN):

Ferromatik Milacron's Q-Series is the latest servo-hydraulic injection moulding machine available worldwide. With a tonnage range of 55 to 610 (1,100-5,500 KN), the Q-Series is built for a wide range of applications and configurations. Based on Ferromatik's reliable and in-demand Magna Toggle and F-Series machines, the Q-Series is a true culmination of high efficiency, consistency and globally developed technology.

The Q-Series is designed to meet the high expectations of toggle performance while offering exceptional value. By using servo motors in combination with hydraulic components, the Q-Series offers exceptional repeatability while saving energy. The kinematics of the toggle lever ensures higher speeds and smooth and precise operation. The clamp design provides better tonnage linearity, resulting in lower minimum tonnage than previous knee lever designs. The servo motor and hydraulic systems together provide power when needed and use less power when not required. The eco-friendly design provides savings in electricity consumption, cooling requirements and lower maintenance costs.

The Q-Series is designed with your business in mind. Protect your mould investment with mould protection technology and the effortless operation of precise automatic mould height adjustment. With three directions to remove parts and a smaller footprint than previous moulds, floor space can be optimised. Enjoy the benefits of machines available directly from stock!


The Ferromatik Q-260


C-series (15,000kN - 67,500kN):

Introducing the next generation of Milacron Innovation. The C-series extends Milacron's leading technology for large machines through a high-tonnage twin-plate press driven by an energy-efficient servomotor-hydraulic system, focused on versatility and designed around the demands of the global automotive, appliance, pallet and other large formed parts industries. Powered by the energy-efficient and highly reliable Fanuc servo motor package, the C-series' enhanced machine specifications and performance offer improved reliability, higher maximum mould weights, higher clamping speeds and a compact footprint. The C series is a truly global machine in design, performance and reliability.


The Ferromatik C-Series

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Ferromatik eQ-series
Ferromatik Q-series
Ferromatik C-series
Ferromatik Bolt-On 2K Unit
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